Interview with Scott Chaverri, founder & CEO Mito Red Light

With the increasing popularity of red & near infrared light therapy among biohackers and health optimizers, ever-increasing number of brands offer light therapy panels today, but not all light panels are made equal. We are very excited to share our conversation with Scott from Mito Red Light whose light therapy panel we personally use andContinue reading “Interview with Scott Chaverri, founder & CEO Mito Red Light”

What’s the light therapy good for?

Since my last guide about how to choose the right light therapy device, I got many questions about the benefits I’ve experienced with the light therapy. The list of research-backed benefits of the light therapy is long and extremely versatile, including accelerated recovery from TBI, pain reduction, reduction of heart attack, improved metabolic conditions likeContinue reading “What’s the light therapy good for?”

How to use light therapy for a glowing skin

REVISED on 26 March 2021. After my interview with Scott Chaverri, the founder of Mito Red Light, I modified my original article to reflect new learnings I gained through our talk. The original article uses 126 J/cm2 of red light as an example., which I replaced with 60 J/cm2. While the main purpose of thisContinue reading “How to use light therapy for a glowing skin”