Healthy nootropic snack: Black currant gummies with powdered kava for sound sleep

I love gummy bears! They are cute and taste yummy. Homemade gummies are the best, because you can choose wholesome, healthy ingredients and avoid excessive sugar.

Kava is a plant known for its nootropic effects. There are many types of Kava, each with a unique set of effects on our body and brain. Some, like this one, are uplifting and provide a boost of energy, while others, like this one, makes you calm and relaxed. I find these gummies a perfect pre-bed snack and like to use Kava that promotes relaxation and sound sleep, but you can pick a powdered Kava of your liking for this recipe.


6 Tbs Gelatin, soaked in the same amount of water (6 Tbs) at least for 10 minutes

225 g Black currant (frozen or fresh), pureed

3 dl Apple juice

3-5 Tbs Organic raw honey, adjust the amount to taste

2-4 tsp Powdered Kava


1. Place the apple juice in a medium pan. Add the soaked gelatin. Heat the pan on a low-medium temperature until the gelatin starts to melt.

2. Once the gelatin starts to melt, turn off the heat. Continue to stir until the gelatin is completely melt.

3. Add the honey and the Kava powder. Stir until blended completely.

4. Wet the gummy mold with cold water. This makes it easier to remove the gummies from the mold. Pour the liquid into the mold.

5. Let the mold be in a fridge for 30 minutes or until the gummies are solid. Remove the gummies from the mold



My medicinal mushrooms trip so far; how I found mushroom supplements that work for me

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