How Does Autonomic Nervous System Affect Health?

If you’ve been following my blog, you may already know that I’m very keen on learning about and improving my HRV through a continuous HRV monitoring. Why focus on HRV, you may ask. It seems intuitive that autonomic nervous system (ANS), that regulates body’s vital functions like breathing, temperature and digestion, affects the rest ofContinue reading “How Does Autonomic Nervous System Affect Health?”

Interview with Ulrik Hjerpsted MD, Copenhagen Center of Functional Medicine (CCFM)

Ulrik tells about how he got interested in functional medicine and how the clinic can help patients with health issues the conventional healthcare might dismiss.

What’s the light therapy good for?

Since my last guide about how to choose the right light therapy device, I got many questions about the benefits I’ve experienced with the light therapy. The list of research-backed benefits of the light therapy is long and extremely versatile, including accelerated recovery from TBI, pain reduction, reduction of heart attack, improved metabolic conditions likeContinue reading “What’s the light therapy good for?”

Probiotic metabolites – how to improve gut health fast!

Buying a yoghurt in Japan is fun! Instead of choosing between blueberry and coconut flavours or a regular-fat and low-fat yoghurts you look for the best probiotic to optimize your gut health. You accomplish this by deciphering combinations of letters and numbers like “LB21”, “BB536”, and “SP”, which are specific probiotic strains in the yoghurts.Continue reading “Probiotic metabolites – how to improve gut health fast!”