Piet Hein van Dam, CEO Clear – Ultimate precision nutrition device with continuous glucose monitor (CGM)

Wearing a CGM can be an eye-opening experience; Seeing how exactly eating certain food affects your blood glucose as it happens provides such powerful insights into your metabolic health. However, making sense of your CGM data can be overwhelming, as many factors like timing of a meal, food combination, and even hormones can affect the body’s glucose responses. Clear combines CGM with precision nutrition recommendations to help people understand the best foods to support healthy metabolism

Time stamps
1:00 How Piet Hein got into precision nutrition 
3:30 Blood glucose as marker for health
9:10 End user experience with Clear CGM device & precision nutrition recommendations
15:10 Exogenous vs. endogenous glucoses, how Clear takes into account them
20:00 Where Clear is currently available
27:50 Reasons for wearing CGM for 2-week 
32:00 Are bananas a healthy food? 
34:30 Alcohol-free beer vs. beer with alcohol: which one raises your blood glucose more?
37:30 Future of precision nutrition
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