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NAD+ dramatically declines in our body with aging. Rather than supplementing with NAD+ precursors, such as NR and NMN, Nuchido offers a powerful solution that can restore body’s own ability to recycle NAD+ to a youthful level. Use the promo code KENKOHACKS at checkout to get 10 % off!

Improving my low HRV is one of my central health goals (read my stories of improving the HRV through continuous HRV monitoring with Lief here and here). Apollo Neuro gently vibrates and improves the HRV by restoring balance to the autonomic nervous system. Purchase Apollo Neuro through this link to get 10 % off!

After an extensive research, Neorhythm by OMNIPEMF is our choice of pulsed electromagnetic stimulation device to improve sleep, focus, and stress/anxiety. We love that it is a solid technology backed by numerous studies.

Lief’s continuous HRV monitor has helped me tremendously to identify my HRV culprits and take actions on them to improve my HRV. You can read my story of how Lief has opened my eyes here and here
Use the code EEVA at checkout for 5 % off your subscription and/or device purchase

A whole-body red light panel can be an investment, and it took us a while before finally deciding on our favorite: Mito Red Light. We love that they are full-spectrum red and near infrared panels, offering the benefits of the both. Also we were very impressed by their hassle-free and super fast oversea shipping!
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This EU based company offers the highest CBD concentration (40 %) we know of, and their CBD oils are full-spectrum and organic. We love their strongest CBD oil that contains 4,000 mg CBD per bottle.

European supplier for very high quality hormones such as DHEA, pregnenolone, and melatonin as well as clinically tested aging supplements shipped from the EU.
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The only molecular hydrogen product I get measurable improvements from. You can check this article about my experience with their products here
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We’re big fans of SuperFeast’s medicinal mushroom powders and tonic herbs. Eeva’s favorites are Mason’s Mushrooms, Beauty Blend, and Tremella. You can read my experiences with their products here
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Hair and skin products with proven ingredients. Their products not just make your hair look better but actually make you grow better hair.
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Methylation support is essential for everyone, especially if you have MTHFR gene variants with a reduced methylation ability. After a lots of research, we are big fans of high-quality methylation supporting supplements by Seeking Health. Use discount code KENKOHACKS to get 10 % off your first order!

For organic superfood powders, TCM herbs and clays, this UK-based company is where we turn to. They have an impressively wide variety of herbs and superfoods, and this has been the only reliable source for organic dried black mulberries, Eeva’s favourite TCM herb

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