Health Wearable Review: Lief Continuous HRV Monitor by Lief Therapeutics

From the very first day I had Lief on, it changed my life completely providing insights previously unavailable. This may sound a little dramatic, but for me, who had no clue for why my HRV is routinely so lousy, continuous HRV data finally pinpointed which types of activities and/or life choices are hurting my HRV […]

Six Biohacks Japanese Moms Teach Their Kids

Growing up in Japan, I never paid attention to certain cultural teachings around me that I only now, as a grown-up living outside my home country, realise are super valuable insights into a long and healthy living. In my conversation with Martin Kremmer, he reminded me of one of these biohacks that kids growing up […]

How Does Autonomic Nervous System Affect Health?

If you’ve been following my blog, you may already know that I’m very keen on learning about and improving my HRV through a continuous HRV monitoring. Why focus on HRV, you may ask. It seems intuitive that autonomic nervous system (ANS), that regulates body’s vital functions like breathing, temperature and digestion, affects the rest of […]

Try this one thing to improve your HRV instantly

After posting my first article about continuous HRV monitoring with Lief, my journey to improve HRV continues. Today, Lief is an indispensable part of my lifestyle and attaching it on my chest is one of the first things I do every morning. Seeing live impacts of an action, a habit, an event etc. on my […]

7 effective ways to benefit from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) at home

I used to see a TCM practitioner multiple times per week for herbal medicines and acupuncture and believe that following a treatment plan created by an experienced TCM is the surest way of getting the most out of TCM. Effective applications of TCM much depend on the knowledge and experiences of the practitioner to customize […]

What’s the light therapy good for?

Since my last guide about how to choose the right light therapy device, I got many questions about the benefits I’ve experienced with the light therapy. The list of research-backed benefits of the light therapy is long and extremely versatile, including accelerated recovery from TBI, pain reduction, reduction of heart attack, improved metabolic conditions like […]

How to use light therapy for a glowing skin

REVISED on 26 March 2021. After my interview with Scott Chaverri, the founder of Mito Red Light, I modified my original article to reflect new learnings I gained through our talk. The original article uses 126 J/cm2 of red light as an example., which I replaced with 60 J/cm2. While the main purpose of this […]

Are you missing out on benefits of anti-aging powerhouse seaweeds? What to do if you don’t eat them

Sushi is becoming ever more popular outside its home country, but many traditional Japanese foods can still strike somewhat mysterious outside their country of origin, like mud-covered burdock roots, fermented soybeans natto, and various types of dried and fresh seaweeds, to mention a few. Personally, a thought of these delicious foods makes my mouth water, […]

No sauna? No problem! How to upgrade your hot bath to a super biohack

Sauna, a tradition in many Nordic countries especially in Finland, has recently enjoyed a renewed status as a biohack that not only makes us feel good, but also is good for us, improving and optimizing various aspects of our mental and physical health, such as cardiovascular health, mood disorders and recovery from exercises. Indeed, I’m […]

My medicinal mushrooms trip so far; how I found mushroom supplements that work for me

Medicinal mushrooms have become darlings of biohackers, health enthusiasts and alike. New mushroom products are popping in the marketplace, like the mushroom themselves in rainy autumn forests! Coming from Japan, where many medicinal mushrooms like shiitake, maitake, and shimeji, are staples of its culinary culture, and their health benefits widely known, I open-handedly embraced the […]

Is standing workstation hurting Heart Rate Variability? How to improve HRV with continuous HRV monitoring

When my acupuncturist asked how my stress level was, my sincere answer used to be: “Not particularly stressed. My job is a deskwork writing emails and such. It’s not that stressful”. Little did I know! After I started wearing my Oura ring, the most surprising findings were my deep sleep and very low nighttime HRV. […]

Peptide review: Humanin – mitochondrial peptide for weight loss, improved blood glucose, and reduced inflammation

Humanin, a 24 amino acids peptide, was almost simultaneously discovered independently by three scientific teams between 2001 and 2003. One of these teams was a Japanese lab led by Prof. Ikuo Nishimoto who was looking for a molecule that can potentially prevent or delay onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Their 2001 study shows humanin’s neuroprotective effect […]

Molecular hydrogen. Can it improve deep sleep?

After Nature Medicine published the now well-known study by a group of Japanese scientists [1] describing hydrogen’s selective antioxidation capacity, hydrogen was widely featured in Japanese media who reported potential health benefits of molecular hydrogen for humans. At the same time, many companies including Itoen, a major beverage company in Japan, started marketing their hydrogen […]

Probiotic metabolites – how to improve gut health fast!

Buying a yoghurt in Japan is fun! Instead of choosing between blueberry and coconut flavours or a regular-fat and low-fat yoghurts you look for the best probiotic to optimize your gut health. You accomplish this by deciphering combinations of letters and numbers like “LB21”, “BB536”, and “SP”, which are specific probiotic strains in the yoghurts. […]

Your ultimate guide to green teas – Macha, Sencha, Gyokuro and much more! ~Secret benefits of green teas you didn’t know~

Have you heard of sencha, kabusecha, or gyokuro? They all come with unique flavours and distinct health benefits. Let’s dive.    [Gyokuro] Sometimes called “king of green teas” in Japan, Gyokuro is considered superior in its flavour, the price often reflecting it. For those of us who are after green tea’s health benefits, the extra […]

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