Piet Hein van Dam, CEO Clear – Ultimate precision nutrition device with continuous glucose monitor (CGM)

Wearing a CGM can be an eye-opening experience; Seeing how exactly eating certain food affects your blood glucose as it happens provides such powerful insights into your metabolic health. However, making sense of your CGM data can be overwhelming, as many factors like timing of a meal, food combination, and even hormones can affect the body’s glucose responses. Clear combines CGM with precision nutrition recommendations to help people understand the best foods to support healthy metabolism

Time stamps
1:00 How Piet Hein got into precision nutrition 
3:30 Blood glucose as marker for health
9:10 End user experience with Clear CGM device & precision nutrition recommendations
15:10 Exogenous vs. endogenous glucoses, how Clear takes into account them
20:00 Where Clear is currently available
27:50 Reasons for wearing CGM for 2-week 
32:00 Are bananas a healthy food? 
34:30 Alcohol-free beer vs. beer with alcohol: which one raises your blood glucose more?
37:30 Future of precision nutrition
Company website:
Clear blog on if bananas are a healthy food:


A definitive guide to NAD+, NMN and autophagy with Dr. Elena Seranova – Part 1 

Welcome to Part 1 of the podcast series with Dr. Seranova, PhD. in Stem Cell Biology and Autophagy! In this first episode, we discuss NAD+, sirtuins (there are seven of them), factors that negatively impact on our body’s NAD+ levels as we age and NAD+ pathways.

NAD+ with Dr. Elena Seranova
Audio file

1:42 What NAD+ is
2:30 Sitruines; What they are their roles in longevity 
6:36 Sirtuins 1-7, their connections to NAD+
9:30 How CD38 enzyme and senescent cells affect our body’s NAD+ levels
12:27 NAD+ pathways

Show notes:
NMN Bio website:
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Sirtuins comparison blog post:

Human efficacy studies of NMN summarised:


Can Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) improve gut health, immunity, and cognition in adults?

HMOs are carbohydrates found in mother’s breast milk. Researches show that HMOs are Recently, this oldest human food has caught a lot of attention as potentially beneficial not only for babies but also for grown-ups. In this interview, Beau Berman at Layer Origin Nutrition discusses how HMOs could potentially enhance the health of adults.

Beau Berman, Layer Origin
Audio file Beau Berman, Layer Origin


1:19 Layer Origin Nutrition – company history, why it focuses on human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs)
4:13 Layer Origin Nutrition’s 10 HMO products
8:20 Immunoglobulin igG content in HMOs
10:50 Clinical researches on HMOs
17:24 Do different HMO strains have different health benefits? 2′-fl: gut health, immune and brain health etc.
21:00 Mechanisms HMOs improve gut health
25:30 What HMO users are saying
38:00 Quantifying gut health
43:30 Is there a known effective HMO dosage for adults?
52:30 Layer Origin’s supplements beyond HMOs
65:00 Human milk supplement vs.HMOs
75:00 Final thoughts on HMOs & where to find more information

Layer Origin website
The Ultimate Guide to HMOs for Better Gut Health


GlycanAge: Can glycans tell your biological age? Little-known molecules that can influence our health in a big way

It’s extremely important to quantify the state of our health, because the data provide ways to act upon and improve various aspects of health. This is why I track my HRV continuously and perform regular blood tests. Marina Martinic Kavur at Genos shares with us how measuring your glycans, specifically immunoglobulin G (IgG) glycans can provide an uniquely valuable and actionable insight into our biological age. 

Video – Watch the interview on video

Interview with Marina Martinic Kavur

Audio – Listen to the interview
Interview with Marina Martinic Kavur

1:20 What are glycans?
4:20 What are immuno glycans? 
9:40 GlycanAge test
12:20 How can glycan estimate your biological age?
16:20 Interventions to improve biological age
21:00 How fast can GlycanAge-based biological age change?
29:30 How blood markers for inflammation, such as CRP, compare with IgG glycans?
39:00 Is a higher GlycanAge correlated with all-cause mortality?
41:50 What improves/worsens your GlycanAge?
47:00 Hormones’ impacts on GlycanAge; roles of estrogen
53:30 How and how much our genes affect glycans?
55:30 Does sleep affect GlycanAge?

Genos website:
GlycanAge website:
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Everything you need to know about medicinal mushrooms; Interview with Jeff Chilton with 40+ years experiences in the mushroom business

The ever-increasing popularity of medicinal mushrooms has led to the industry to boom, and today many companies sell mushroom products. But not all mushroom supplements are created equal – in our conversation, Jeff walks us through in detail everything you, as a savvy and well-educated consumer, need to know about mushrooms including what makes mushrooms so healthy, how to choose a top-quality mushroom supplement (make sure that you are NOT unknowingly consuming grains instead of mushrooms!), some of the key health components in mushrooms such as beta-glucans, ergothioneine and sterols, and a lot more!


2:50 What makes mushrooms so healthy and beneficial? Fibers, beta-glucans and much more. 
6:30 Mushrooms – the forgotten food that promote longevity 
9:30 Beta-glucan 101 
15:00 Mushrooms in Japan/Asia
20:20 Could Jeff have predicted the current level of mushroom appreciation?
23:20 Beverages, chocolate and other products with mushroom extracts 
26:20 How to choose high-quality mushroom supplements
31:20 Shocking truth about grain-grown mycelium sold as mushroom supplement
38:30 Telltale signs for false mushroom products
41:00 How Jeff makes sure his mushroom product is certified organic and tested for harmful chemicals
47:00 Dried mushroom powders vs. mushroom extracts: the latters are much more concentrated
50:40 Drugs made from mushrooms, PSK, Lentinene made from shitake, D-fraction made from maitake
53:10 Greenhouse vs. wood log grown mushrooms; do their nutritional profiles differ?
58:00 Where does Jeff see the mushroom business is going to?
60:20 Ergosterol, Vitamin D2


Jeff’s mushroom extracts for industry (B2B):
Jeff’s mushroom extracts for consumer:
Check out my tasty medicinal mushroom recipes from Japan!
Creamy mushroom sauce with maitake:

Grilled vegetables with shiitake on raspberry balsamic sauce:

Baked salmon with creamy mushroom sauce and pomegranate:


Michael Lustgarten PhD. Scientist with a plan to conquer aging; how rigorous biomarker tracking can help us live longer

Dr. Lustgarten is a scientist at Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University with a mission to conquer aging through rigorous tracking of biomarkers. His Youtube videos, in which Dr. Lustgarten crunches scientific data in formats easily digestible by everyone and also provides his own biomarkers, are super educational and have inspired me personally in many ways. In our interview, we discuss his Youtube videos, his book Microbial Burden, his cutting-edge research on microbiome’s impacts on aging and much more! 

Video – Watch the interview on video

Audio – Listen to the interview
Audio file


1:30 Dr. Lustgarten’s approaches to longevity; quantification through biomarkers
7:00 Dr. Lustgarten’s Youtube videos; health optimization and longevity
10:30 Reference values vs. optimal values; why you should focus on the latter
17:00 Dr. Lustgarten’s longevity strategies including dietary and exercise based approaches
20:00 Exercises’ impacts on maximum and average lifespans
21:40 Nutrition-dense food
33:40 How to optimize mineral intakes? “Small scales vs. big scales”
37:50 What’s adequate Vitamin K intake? RDA is not always optimal
38:55 Organ meats, carnivore diet
43:00 How to optimize mitochondrial health; exercise, fasting
48:00 Body’s water content (hydration); impacts of vegetables, muscle mass
51:07 Dr. Lustgarten’s book: Microbial Burden
57:56 Microbial metabolites
67:50 Exercises’ impacts on gut microbiome

Probiotics, prebiotics and bacterial metabolites
Optimal values and reference values for biomarkers

I cannot recommend highly enough Dr. Lustgarten’s videos on Youtube! They provide bite-sized takeaways for everyone that are based on solid sciences/measurements, whether you are a novice just getting started with biohacking or a seasoned biohacker. 

Dr. Lustgarten’s Youtube channel: (or search for Michael Lustgarten) 
Facebook: @mike.lustgarten 
Twitter: @mike_lustgarten 
Instagram: @conqueraging122
Microbial Burden on Amazon:


Anders Olsson, How our breathing can affect our health, performance, and longevity

We all breathe as an absolute necessity, yet, many of us breathe sub optimally. In this interview, Anders, author of a highly rated book Conscious Breathing, walks us through the seven components of Conscious Breathing. We also discuss fascinating and less-discussed topics around breathing, such as the importance of carbon dioxide (CO2) in our body, sex hormones’ interactions with breathing and much more!


1:40 Anders’ path to become one of international leaders in breathing
4:40 What is Conscious Breathing; its seven habits
5:40 Importance of nasal breathing
6:40 Low breathing, not the same as deep breathing
9:10 Roles of oxygen and carbon dioxide (CO2) in our body, mitochondria, ROS
28:00 The importance of right posture
32:00 How to improve the lung and diaphragm muscles
34:30 Rhythm of breathing
38:00 Relaxator by Conscious Breathing; how it affects heart rate and HRV (heart rate variability)
42:00 How hormones affect our breathing
49:00 Sleeptape by Conscious Breathing
55:50 Relaxator’s positive effects on HRV
64:00 Habit #7: quiet breathing
65:30 Exciting future plans: breathing suit, breath analyzer

Show notes:
Conscious Breathing (book):
Conscious Breathing website:
Conscious Breathing on YouTube:…
On Facebook:
On Instagram:


Ardy Arianpour, founder & CEO, Seqster: How harmonizing health data in a single space can help with health optimization

Many of us wear several health wearables, be it Whoop, Fitbit, or in my case, Lief Therapeutics, take tests such as comprehensive blood panels, Organic Acids Test (OAT) etc., all from different providers. The results are available through their own platforms/apps, making it hard to get the maximum values out of these data. Seqster, a company who creates customer-centric interoperability solution for all types of health data, is on a mission to change that all.
Ardy Adrianpour, Seqster

Catharine Arnston, ENERGYBits; Are algae secret to the Japanese longevity?

Catharine discovered the power of algae while searching the best nutritional support for her sister who was fighting cancer. Upon witnessing the powerful health benefits of algae, she decided to dive deep into researching algae and their health benefits and founded ENERGYBits, a company that specializes in top quality microalgae (spirulina & chlorella). Catharine discusses algae’s amazing health benefits, differences between spirulina and chlorella (they do completely different things in the body), algae’s benefits for mitochondrial health, scientific studies supporting algae’s unique health benefits, tips for choosing the highest-quality algae products, and much more!

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Training Wearable: Rohan Dixit Interview CEO Lief Therapeutics

What motivated Rohan, a former neuroscientist at prestigious academic institutes, to turn into a health wearable entrepreneur focusing on technologies for meditation, mindfulness, and HRV? After an year with monks in Tibetan mountains and scanning their brains on meditation, Rohan discovered the power HRV to heal our mind. Rohan and I dive deep into HRV, HRV wearables,, HRV training with biofeedback, and much more!
Rohan Dixit