Interview with Nathalie Niddam, Optimizing Superhuman Performance

In this interview Nathalie discusses her biohack experiences, peptides and her Facebook group, Optimizing Superhuman Performance with Peptides, Nutrition and More. Find out her favorite biohacks, peptides and future plans for her group!

Dmitri Leonov, co-founder of Taopatch USA and Transformative Tech LA Chapter Lead; how wearable nanotechnology can optimize health

In this interview, Dmitri explains TaoPatch – small wearable patches that transform the body heat into therapeutic frequencies and offer benefits of acupuncture + light therapy. We also discuss Dmitri’s work at Transformative Tech and fascinating frequency technologies like Lucia Light

Conversation about mental health with Paris Prynkiewicz, Crooked Illness

Paris discusses mental health, mindset, stress and stigma around mental illness. She has been very open with her bipolar disorder diagnose and is on a mission to lift stigma around conversations about mental health.

Healthy nootropic snack: Black currant gummies with powdered kava for sound sleep

I love gummy bears! They are cute and taste yummy. Homemade gummies are the best, because you can choose wholesome, healthy ingredients and avoid excessive sugar. Kava is a plant known for its nootropic effects. There are many types of Kava, each with a unique set of effects on our body and brain. Some, likeContinue reading “Healthy nootropic snack: Black currant gummies with powdered kava for sound sleep”

Try this one thing to improve your HRV instantly

After posting my first article about continuous HRV monitoring with Lief, my journey to improve HRV continues. Today, Lief is an indispensable part of my lifestyle and attaching it on my chest is one of the first things I do every morning. Seeing live impacts of an action, a habit, an event etc. on myContinue reading “Try this one thing to improve your HRV instantly”

7 effective ways to benefit from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) at home

I used to see a TCM practitioner multiple times per week for herbal medicines and acupuncture and believe that following a treatment plan created by an experienced TCM is the surest way of getting the most out of TCM. Effective applications of TCM much depend on the knowledge and experiences of the practitioner to customizeContinue reading “7 effective ways to benefit from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) at home”

What’s the light therapy good for?

Since my last guide about how to choose the right light therapy device, I got many questions about the benefits I’ve experienced with the light therapy. The list of research-backed benefits of the light therapy is long and extremely versatile, including accelerated recovery from TBI, pain reduction, reduction of heart attack, improved metabolic conditions likeContinue reading “What’s the light therapy good for?”

Superfood snack recipe: Spirulina & cocoa energy balls for immunity & radiant skin

The nature is full of superfoods, like many berries, greens and mushrooms to mention just a few, and they all come with fantastic health benefits. The trouble is that there is only so much foods we can consume every day… Dried superfood powders, like spirulina and maca powders, make it super-easy to get in youContinue reading “Superfood snack recipe: Spirulina & cocoa energy balls for immunity & radiant skin”