About us

I’m Eeva born and raised in Japan and currently live in Sweden. I’ve lived in six countries in three continents, speak six languages and consider myself a citizen of one big global community.

My educational background is in psychology and technology, and I have a master’s degree in computer sciences from a university in Finland.

I find life in different countries a wonderful opportunity to discover traditional knowledge about health and healthy life as well as the latest bio-hacks from different corners of the globe. From an early age, I was fascinated by ways to optimize my performance and health. Today, as I realize that different cultures have so much wisdom to offer, my fascinations only grow.

It’s my utmost joy and pleasure to share my discoveries with you, to help you optimize your health, performance, and wellbeing. I’ve personally witnessed how health – in physical, mental, psychological, and even spiritual forms – is essential for us to materialize our highest potentials. The opposite is also true. I hope that you find bits of global wisdom on our website useful for you to shine in your own life, wherever you are located.

Hey, I’m Roland. With a background in sports, adventures and military as Para Ranger, physical exercises are my lifelong passions. When it comes to biohack through physical activities and exercises, I’m the one who motivates and advises Eeva on how to achieve the next level, so I feel we complement each other really well as a biohacking couple!

I also acting as a guinea pig for her biohacking experiments, together with my physical activities I must say I feel great today!

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