Can Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) improve gut health, immunity, and cognition in adults?

HMOs are carbohydrates found in mother’s breast milk. Researches show that HMOs are Recently, this oldest human food has caught a lot of attention as potentially beneficial not only for babies but also for grown-ups. In this interview, Beau Berman at Layer Origin Nutrition discusses how HMOs could potentially enhance the health of adults.

Beau Berman, Layer Origin
Audio file Beau Berman, Layer Origin


1:19 Layer Origin Nutrition – company history, why it focuses on human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs)
4:13 Layer Origin Nutrition’s 10 HMO products
8:20 Immunoglobulin igG content in HMOs
10:50 Clinical researches on HMOs
17:24 Do different HMO strains have different health benefits? 2′-fl: gut health, immune and brain health etc.
21:00 Mechanisms HMOs improve gut health
25:30 What HMO users are saying
38:00 Quantifying gut health
43:30 Is there a known effective HMO dosage for adults?
52:30 Layer Origin’s supplements beyond HMOs
65:00 Human milk supplement vs.HMOs
75:00 Final thoughts on HMOs & where to find more information

Layer Origin website
The Ultimate Guide to HMOs for Better Gut Health

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