GlycanAge: Can glycans tell your biological age? Little-known molecules that can influence our health in a big way

It’s extremely important to quantify the state of our health, because the data provide ways to act upon and improve various aspects of health. This is why I track my HRV continuously and perform regular blood tests. Marina Martinic Kavur at Genos shares with us how measuring your glycans, specifically immunoglobulin G (IgG) glycans can provide an uniquely valuable and actionable insight into our biological age. 

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Interview with Marina Martinic Kavur

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Interview with Marina Martinic Kavur

1:20 What are glycans?
4:20 What are immuno glycans? 
9:40 GlycanAge test
12:20 How can glycan estimate your biological age?
16:20 Interventions to improve biological age
21:00 How fast can GlycanAge-based biological age change?
29:30 How blood markers for inflammation, such as CRP, compare with IgG glycans?
39:00 Is a higher GlycanAge correlated with all-cause mortality?
41:50 What improves/worsens your GlycanAge?
47:00 Hormones’ impacts on GlycanAge; roles of estrogen
53:30 How and how much our genes affect glycans?
55:30 Does sleep affect GlycanAge?

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