Ardy Arianpour, founder & CEO, Seqster: How harmonizing health data in a single space can help with health optimization

Many of us wear several health wearables, be it Whoop, Fitbit, or in my case, Lief Therapeutics, take tests such as comprehensive blood panels, Organic Acids Test (OAT) etc., all from different providers. The results are available through their own platforms/apps, making it hard to get the maximum values out of these data. Seqster, a company who creates customer-centric interoperability solution for all types of health data, is on a mission to change that all.

Ardy Adrianpour, Seqster

Show notes

2:30 Seqster’s customer-centric interoperability platform for health data; what it is
9:10 Ardy’s background in clinical diagnostics and genomic sequencing
12:30 What can users do with health data that can be harmonized by Seqster
19:24 Health wearables that are compatible with Seqster 
23:50 Harmonizing, visualizing, and curating various health data; DNA data and other types of health data
26:50 Seqster’s availability outside the US
29:40 Unit & terminology conversions in health data harmonization 
34:50 Sharing health data with others through Seqster 
39:00 Challenges with health data interoperability 
44:30 Standardization initiatives for health data
53:50 Future plans for Seqster
58:00 Where to find further information about Seqster
Seqster website:
Contact: general contacts:
for business contacts: 

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