Catharine Arnston, ENERGYBits; Are algae secret to the Japanese longevity?

Catharine discovered the power of algae while searching the best nutritional support for her sister who was fighting cancer. Upon witnessing the powerful health benefits of algae, she decided to dive deep into researching algae and their health benefits and founded ENERGYBits, a company that specializes in top quality microalgae (spirulina & chlorella). Catharine discusses algae’s amazing health benefits, differences between spirulina and chlorella (they do completely different things in the body), algae’s benefits for mitochondrial health, scientific studies supporting algae’s unique health benefits, tips for choosing the highest-quality algae products, and much more!

Time stamps

1:44 How Catharine became aware of health potencies of algae 
8:30 Popularity of algae in Japan/Asia vs. outside Asia
10:45 Algae 101; macro vs. microalgae, Ocean vs. freshwater algae 
14:00 Spirulina and chlorella; completely different health benefits  
16:50 Benefits of stacking red light therapy with algae! 
20:20 Spirulina 101; benefits, nutritional profile, recommended usages 
30:45: Vitamin K; Why it’s important & why it’s difficult to take enough from foods
44:00 How to make chlorella a delicious snack 
45:20 Chlorella 101; benefits, chlorophyll, benefits for sleep, its RNA/DNA contents, chlorella growth factor    
63:00 How to choose the best algae products that have nutritions and enzymes left & non-toxic 
71:26 Future plans & visions for ENERGYBits

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