Rohan Dixit, founder and CEO of Lief Therapeutics: Discover and improve the state of your mind through continuous HRV monitoring with biofeedback

Rohan left his academic job as neuroscientist to spend almost an year with monks in Tibetan mountains. Initially focusing on scanning monks’ brains, his focus shifted to heart rate variability (HRV) as a way into the state of our mind. In this interview, Rohan discusses HRV both as a measurement of and intervention to mental wellbeing, Lief Therapeutics and its wearable continuous HRV monitor, the often unknown power of biofeedback to control our body, and much more! 

Rohan Dixit

Time stamps:

2:30 Rohan’s background in mindfulness and meditation 
6:24 Why Rohan’s focus shifted from measuring the brain to HRV as a representation of our mind
10:06 HRV basic: what it is, how it is calculated, which HRV Lief uses 
11:52 HRV accuracy; EKG vs. optical sensors
15:30 HRV both as a measurement of and intervention to mental wellness 
17:43 Rohan’s vision for Lief – continuous HRV monitor with biofeedback  
22:58 Vibration’s impacts on HRV
25:00 My personal experiences with Lief wearable and app
28:55 Lief availability for the US.and international customers
31:45 Lief Rx 
33:10 Rohan’s personal discoveries by wearing Lief
36:50 Challenges of creating health wearables 
40:03 Next generation wearable technologies 
44:00 Snapshot HRV monitoring vs. continuous HRV monitoring 
45:00 Health wearables in 5-10 years? 
46:30 Future plans for Lief

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