Nichola Conlon: Co-founder & CEO of Nuchido; Restore your NAD+ level by fixing the body’s NAD+ factory

Today, biohackers are widely aware of the importance of NAD+ in the body, whose level dramatically  declines as we age. Amid the increased awareness, NAD+ precursors like NR and NMN have gained tremendous popularity. But is supplementing with an NAD+ precursor the best way to restore NAD+ to a youthful level? Nichola discusses why fixing the body’s own NAD+ salvage pathway (“body’s NAD+ factory”) may be a superior alternative to taking precursors, how she applies her background in drug development to make efficacious anti-aging supplements available for everyone NOW and much more!  

Dr. Nichola Conlon

Show notes

2:08 Single vs. multiple target approach; what they are and why they matter in the context of anti-aging conversation
9:20 Complexity and redundancy in our biology. Systems pharmacology 
15:00: Powerful molecules that get excluded from drug development
20:40: NAD+; Why is it important? Why does NAD+ decline with aging?
23:10 NAD+ precursors; How do they work in our body? Deterioration of body’s NAD+ salvage pathway with aging explained
28:30 Nuchido’s Time+; How it restore body’s NAD+ level with natural & powerful ingredients
37:00 My personal experiences with Nuchido’s Time+
40:10 Clinical trials with Nuchido’s Time+
47:12 Nichola’s view on the future of anti-aging
54:11 Nuchido’s exciting future product
56:00 Final thoughts

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