Interview with Tord Wingren, founder and executive advisor BrainLit: company on a mission to make healthy indoor lighting for everyone

Did you know that 20 % of our genes are affected by the light? Our genes developed when our ancestors lived outdoors living with the natural light. Yet, many of us today spend a significant portion of our day indoors surrounded by artificial lighting that is suboptimal to our health. What can we do about it? Tord discusses light’s health impacts, his company BrainLit, its cutting edge lighting solution BioCentric Lighting, and how it is helping people to live a better and healthier life. Find out in the interview why indoor lighting matters and how you can make sure to get a quality lighting.  

Tord Wingren, BrainLit


1:45 How BrainLit was started
5:04 Why we tend to underestimate importance of lighting, nobel prizes around lighting
7:37 Sciences as a backbone of BrainLit
10:30 Health impacts of light and lighting
16:00 Natural light in different geographical locations, different chronotypes
18:00 BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting, its health effects, how it works, what does “good quality light” mean?
24:00 Smart bulbs versus BioCentric Lighting
26:00 Sunlight versus skylight
29:20 Studies on BioCentric Lighting; improved cognition, productivity etc.
32:10 Lighting for shift workers; How to get the lighting right for shift workers?
36:40 Where are  BrainLit’s solutions installed?
40:00 Flickering; Is it harmful?  BrainLit’s patented solution against flickering
44:30 Alven – BrainLit’s first generation standalone BioCentric Lighting solution
52:30 Tord’s dream to make available BioCentric Lighting for everyone
58:00 Where can people learn more about BrainLit
60:00 Light’s importance throughout our lifespan; “age effects” of our eyes for light perception

BrainLit webpage:
Contact for business inquiries: Niklas Olsson (CEO)
Contact for scientific study related inquiries Tord Wingren (founder and executive advisor) 

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