Interview with Scott Chaverri, founder & CEO Mito Red Light

With the increasing popularity of red & near infrared light therapy among biohackers and health optimizers, ever-increasing number of brands offer light therapy panels today, but not all light panels are made equal. We are very excited to share our conversation with Scott from Mito Red Light whose light therapy panel we personally use and love. What to look for when choosing light therapy panel? What are different light spectrums good for? How to stack light therapy with other modularity such as cold therapy and exercises? Does red light therapy increase testosterone in men? What about female hormones in women? Do EMF and flickering really matter? Find out answers in our interview to all of these questions and much more!

Scott Chaverri

Show notes

1:24 Scott’s background in health & wellbeing
4:30 Scott’s personal health challenges as a genesis for learning to live healthier life
6:06 How Mito Red Light got started 
12:30 Scott’s personal experiences with red & near infrared lights to increase testosterone
14:50 Cold therapy, red light therapy and exercises for fat loss (in this order!)  
16:55 Red light therapy’s impacts on sex hormones beyond testosterone?
19:20 Different light wavelengths (red, near infrared, far infrared) 
25:00 MitoPro Series 
30:30 Red and near infrared light therapy’s health benefits 
35:00 How we are prone to become malilluminated in the modern world 
42:30 Sunlight vs red & near infrared light panel
50:30 Mito Red Light and its light panels 
52:10 Red & near infrared light dosing 
56.00 Mito Red Light’s light panels; Mito Original, MitoMod and MitoPro
62:10 EMF from a red light panel  – What they are & do you need to be concerned?
67:00 Flickering of a red light panel – Do you need to be concerned? 
72:35 What are on the horizon for Scott and Mito Red Light 
76:00 Where can you find more information about Mito Red Light  

Mito Red Light website: http://
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MitoPro Series

Article “How to use light therapy for glowing skin” (This is the article we discussed in the interview)

Article “What’s the light therapy good for?”

The book EMF:d by Dr. Mercola

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