Conversation about mental health with Paris Prynkiewicz, Crooked Illness

Paris discusses mental health, mindset, stress and stigma around mental illness. She has been very open with her bipolar disorder diagnose and is on a mission to lift stigma around conversations about mental health.

Paris Prynkiewicz, Crooked Illness

1:35 Paris’ background, how she got interested in promoting honest conversations around “crooked illnesses” 
4:45 Experiences with bipolar disorder diagnoses 
7:30 Stigma around mental illness
17:30 Improving mental health 
19:30 Mental resilience 
25:00 Healing trauma in the past
27:00 Better mental health, a better world
31:00 Stress; how to manage it
46:00 Crooked Illness podcast 

Show notes
Crooked Illness podcast:
Crooked Illness on Instagram: crookedillness

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