Interview with Martin Kremmer, co-founder of Danish Biohacker Community

In this interview Martin shares his experiences with biohacking, i.e. “becoming CEO of your own health“. He also discusses the Danish Biohacker Community, a Meet-up and Facebook group who has grown to more than 2000 members since its start in 2016.

Interview with Martin Kremmer

1:10 Martin’s background and how he got started with biohacking 
5:30 Where to start if you’re just getting started with biohacking
9:20 How to find the right nutritional protocol for you
19:15 One biohack that made significant impacts on Martin’s health
27:57 Martin’s biohacking morning routine 
33:30 Next biohack Martin is about to try 
38:40 Danish Biohacker Community – how it got started 
41:30 How to build a great biohacking community
45:00 Danish Biohacker Community’s webinars 
50:20 The Community’s impacts on Martin
53:30 One thing advanced biohackers can do to get to the next level

Show notes
Martin’s TEDx talk “My experience with biohacking”:

Ben Greenfield podcast:

Organ meat supplements:

Nordic Biohacking Blueprint online course:

The Danish Biohacker Community Facebook page:

The Danish Biohacker Community video page page:

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