My medicinal mushrooms trip so far; how I found mushroom supplements that work for me

Medicinal mushrooms have become darlings of biohackers, health enthusiasts and alike. New mushroom products are popping in the marketplace, like the mushroom themselves in rainy autumn forests!

Coming from Japan, where many medicinal mushrooms like shiitake, maitake, and shimeji, are staples of its culinary culture, and their health benefits widely known, I open-handedly embraced the idea to incorporate these beneficial mushrooms in my life beyond in the form of tasty meals.

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I was curious to try some of the medicinal mushrooms that were less know in Japan such as Lion’s mane, cordyceps, and chaga. After some research, I chose Thrive 6 Mushroom Complex Capsules that contained all the three medicinal mushrooms plus reishi, turkey’s tail, and maitake in an easy-to-take pill form. When it arrived, I was excited to witness the seemingly endless list of alleged benefits like improved cognition, immunity, sleep, energy etc. from these medicinal mushrooms.

Despite hundreds of five-star reviews on, I didn’t feel any difference from the suggested serving of two daily capsules. My educated guess is that the dosage was possibly too low for me; The daily dose contains 167 mg of extract from each of the six mushrooms with a standardized 29 % beta glucan, yielding to ca. 290 mg of beta glucan per serving. When eating my favourite mushroom dish like this one, I’m easily getting over 1.5 g of beta glucan, as maitake contains ca. 2.3 g of this beneficial fibre per 100 g. I couldn’t find information about the concentrations of other beneficial substances of medicinal mushrooms in this product. Also, the capsules felt like just another pill in my already complicated daily supplement regimen. Disappointed, I made a quiet exit from the Mushroom Supplement Lovers Club. For a while.

It was not until Dave Asprey’s mention about Life Cykel’s Lion’s Mane Tincture that it had uniquely helped him to increase the REM sleep intrigued me; I took another look at mushroom supplements. Always curious to find new ways to improve my sleep, especially the deep sleep, I gave a try their Double-Strength Liquid Extracts. I’m glad I did.

Their Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane Tinctures were the first mushroom supplements that I could feel noticeable effects from. I take one dropperful of the former in my green tea or decaf coffee and get a nice energy-boost without any caffeine-like jittery. In fact, it’s so potent that I make sure not to take it late in the afternoon. In my late-afternoon beverage I take Lion’s Mane Tincture and feel a fantastic lift in my ability to focus with a sense of calmness. It doesn’t affect my REM sleep, but my Oura REM scores are already very high, averaging 2-3 hours per night. I really like the slightly sweet, mind-tasting tinctures that agree well with beverages like black or green teas.

Encouraged, I gave a second chance the loose powder version of Thrive 6 Powerful Mushroom Extract, which had been waiting in my drawer shelf, hoping that the powder worked better. Although taking mushroom powder in coffee felt more fun than swallowing capsules, I felt no tangible effects I experienced from Lifecykel’s tinctures, even at occasional 2x dose. Neither, the powder didn’t enhance the coffee’s taste, though other than a bit of added bitterness, it didn’t make it worse, either.          

One beautiful day, I listened to Dr. Molly Maloof’s interview with Mason, the owner of SuperFeast. Their signature mushroom blend, Mason’s Mushrooms contains all the mushrooms I was interested in and even Agaricus blazei, a mushroom well-known for its immune system improving benefits in Japan. I really liked that their extract powders are a potent 10:1 concentration; A teaspoonful (5 g) is an equivalent of 50 g of raw mushrooms, an amount similar to what I normally consume in a meal, conveniently served in a cup of decaf. After trying the signature blend as well as few of their other mushrooms and herbal blends, I’m a big fan of Mason’s Mushrooms, along with Tremella and Beauty Blend. Mason’s Mushrooms in my morning decaf is not only a great nootropic that gets me a calm mental energy but also an incredibly potent, all-round feel-good magic. I finally understand why these mushrooms are called medicinal. As a nice bonus, the mushrooms in a super-fine, silky powder form even make my coffee taste better, adding a rich umami and creaminess.                         

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